About Us

Christopher Lee AngelesChristopher Lee Angelesstudied Human Psychology at Lyceum of the Philippines University a digital marketer by heart and developer of E-Journey TV, Self Psyche and Making Profit Digital Web Blog. “My Credo” (Succeed at home first. Seek and merit divine help. Never compromise with honesty. Hear both sides before judging. Remember the people involve. Obtain counsel of others. Defend those who are absent Be sincere yet decisive. Develop on new proficiency a year. Plan tomorrow’s work today. Hustle while you wait. Maintain a positive attitude. Keep a sense of humor. Be orderly in person and in work. Do not fear mistake – fear the absence of creative, constructive, and corrective responses to those mistakes. Facilitate the success of subordinate). He firmly believes that the achievement of a partnership is determined by the strength of the relationship based on the following values.
  •  A relationship of equals.
  •  Clear and open dialogue through mutual respect.
  •  Agreed objectives and solution prompt response times.


Vision Statement
We engage, inspire and challenge people to become productive individuals,
ethical leaders, and positive contributors to our society, country, and a global civilization.

Mission Statement
Focus on solutions. Create new perspectives that enable individuals to think
and act strategically in order to achieve fundamental improvement in their endeavor.

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